Square  方

Round   圓

In Chinese culture, the circle stands for “fulfilled”, “oneness”, “perfection”, “unity”. The square, on the other hand, with its straight lines and sharp corners, represent laws and regulations.
They are beyond visual, beyond verbal, beyond geometric, beyond those “lucky” or “unlucky” tags applied to most other symbols.


Summer Red

The sky is round and the earth is square.
“The way of heaven is round, and the way of earth is square.”
Round means endless cycle. It represent time. There is past and present without end. Four seasons, unlimited generation, born & death, old and sick, grow and deceased.  We do not know the beginning of it and where it goes, so they are interpreted in a circle. Looking up at the sky, the cycle of the sun, the moon, and the alternation of the four seasons tell us about time.
The square Earth is that it is the Earth which is fully manifested in its explicit and divided multiplicity. The central cube, with its squares, chequer-boards, mason’s squares and dots, suggests the physical world of the creation, limited and bounded by time and space.
The Earth that has been fully traveled, fully connected, that has reached its full extension.



Dates with Joy


Double Rubble

“Primary element in nature” the CELL
Forms & pattern in relation to visual art are also found in natural form. The workof art becomes organic forms, as apparently inanimate graphic form evolves into living matter.

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